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Easy nail art

Easy nail art with Sharpies

I pretty much hate painting my nails, but I like doing artsy things. I like the idea of drawing little pictures on my nails that I can sloppily put some clear topcoat on, and it doesn't matter if I get out of the lines. Also, I refuse to do my right hand (I'm right handed). Nope. Not gonna do it anymore. Life's too short.

The super easy steps

Nail art supplies

Just draw on your nails with Sharpies! Fine tip or very fine tip. Color the whole thing for a background and draw on top, or just draw right on the bare nail. Possibilities are pretty much endless!

Then comes the important part. If you stop there, your Sharpie will stay on until something with alcohol (i.e. lotion) comes in contact with it, where it begins to break down. Won't last more than a day. If you try to put topcoat right on top of the Sharpie, it will instantly shmear, as nail polish has a lot of alcohol in it.

So just use a finger to rub a good layer of glue from a gluestick on each nail. Don't skimp, but don't leave globs. Don't worry about smearing the Sharpie, it won't. THEN put your topcoat on, and feel free to be as sloppy as you want. It's clear! Paint like when you were a kid. The part that gets on your skin will come off in the next few hand washings.

That's it! You can do this any time with any kind of themed drawings, but since Halloween's coming up, my favorite season, I thought I'd stick with that theme. :)