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Easy nail art

I pretty much hate painting my nails, but I like doing artsy things. I like the idea of drawing little pictures on my nails that I can sloppily put some clear topcoat on, and it doesn't matter if I get out of the lines. The example gallery below will be ever-growing as I come up with new ideas. Also, I refuse to do my right hand anymore. Life's too short.

The super easy steps

Just draw on your nails with Sharpies! First put a clear base coat on, to prevent the Sharpie ink from staining the nail. Color the whole thing for a background and draw on top, or just draw right on the bare nail. Possibilities are pretty much endless!

To prevent the Sharpie from coming off when something with alcohol (i.e. lotion) comes in contact with it, you'll need a top coat. BUT — and this is important — you can't apply it the normal way or it will smear the Sharpie. You have to really load up the brush and just barely drag it across the nail, taking care to not press down with the brush. This bit takes practice, but it's the best way and makes the manicure last a long time. Putting a layer of glue or hairspray on before the topcoat helps prevent the smearing but means that the top layer comes off within a couple days. It's better to practice avoiding the smearing, which is totally doable!

That's it! You can do this any time with any kind of themed drawings, Halloween, Christmas, Zelda, whatevs.

Is this idea just for the ladies? No! I do it on my husband's thumb nail and he loves having a cute little drawing there to look at. And from afar it looks like you bruised your thumb with a hammer, which is totally manly. So go wild, dudes.