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Everyone's an idiot

Yes, even you.

Everyone's an idiot about something. I'd say probably a minimum of 3 things. By idiot I mean: someone who thinks they know something that they really don't. Most people are defensive about being called an idiot, but they shouldn't be. Embrace your idiocy. It's not like being an idiot is something you can't change. You can always learn more. When you don't entertain the possibility that you might be an idiot about something, you shut down in arguments. You don't listen to other people's views when they differ from your own. Sure, avoidance is the easiest way to go about things. But it's lazy. And it's not a respectable thing to do.

One of the basic properties of science that makes it so great is that it has no bias, and can always be proven wrong at any moment. Be more like science. Let go of the ego and open your mind. Be humble and accepting of your idiocy. This will make you a better person. When you deny that you're an idiot, you make the assumption that you're right and everyone else must be wrong. It is human to think this way. We're a very defensive and egocentric species. It's common for people to see idiots all around themselves, but much less common for people to consider including themselves in that category. You know what I mean: There are so many idiots out there, but not you. Oh no... you're special. You've had that special idiot vaccination. See how unlikely that sounds? If everyone else are such idiots, don't you think there are plenty of people out there who think that very thing about you for one reason or another? It's time for you to start thinking of yourself as an idiot too.

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Even the smartest people out there are I'm sure idiots about something. And the smartest of those accept with full responsibility that they don't know everything and that they're not always right. If you approach life in this manner, you will be much more rational and reasonable. You no longer fear getting into a debate about your views. It's not scary because you're not afraid of being schooled about something. In fact, you welcome it. You're no longer afraid of being wrong. Just because someone may know more than you doesn't make you any less of a person. What makes you less of a person is refusing to listen to others. Refusing to change your mind even when someone else makes more sense than you because it might damage your ego.

Only the idiots who know they're idiots have any hope for overcoming their idiocy. And that's the cosmic perspective.