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Halloween 2012

Carving a Ghirahim Jack-o-lantern

This Halloween I needed a design to carve in my pumpkin and I decided on Ghirahim from Skyward Sword because he can be pretty darn creepy (in addition to being fabulous). I took my own screenshot from a cutscene, traced it in Photoshop and designed my own stencil. Then I printed the stencil and taped it on my pumpkin. I used a small knife to poke along the lines to make an outline and then removed the paper and went about cutting out the pieces with a razor knife. You can find the stencil among the photos below. :) I also decided to carve a lil' apple because, well, the idea randomly popped into my head and we had a whole bag of apples. :P

It took me like 4 hours and the carved pumpkin lasted all of 1 day before the thin bits shriveled and made it look bad, but at least I got nice pictures of it before it died. ^~^

Pumpkins are edible!

I toasted all the seeds from the big pumpkin I carved, as well as the one from the pie pumpkin we got. And I used the pie pumpkin to make... get this... PIE! I wasn't sure if it would taste any different from canned pumpkin pie as I'd never had fresh pumpkin pie, but it definitely did! And was amazingly delicious.

Autumn in Maine

We went to a nearby farm to buy our pumpkins 2 weeks before Halloween (a good deal, 4 pumpkins for $11!) and on the drive back we passed a pretty park. It was really foggy that day, and we ended up getting some pretty photos with a camera phone. So pretty I have to include them even though they're from a camera phone. ^_^ The third one reminds me of Lord of the Rings: "There are dead things! Dead faces in the water!"