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Majora's Mask poem

This is a little experimental poem I wrote about one of my favorite games, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. I was seeing if I could convey the specific mood and feelings that the game gives me. And if you notice, the words are all placed with html code, it's not an image! It was interesting doing it that way.

Majora's Mask

Majora's Mask. Powerful. Dangerous. Stolen.

Majora's Mask Skullkid

Mischievous imp. Troublesome. Deserted. Child. Sad. Lonely. Anger. Revenge. Ominous moon.

Majora's Mask Termina

Termina. Eerily familiar. Somber. Calm before the storm. Dark feeling. Obligations. Have to save everyone. Mustn't slow down.

Majora's Mask Moon

What if I don't make it? Failure. Moon will fall. Moon will consume everything.

Majora's Mask Clock Town

Townspeople. Innocent. Simple. Excited. Carnival. Three days. Worried. Rumors. Unaware. True evil. Everywhere.

Majora's Mask Woodfall

Must journey. Must battle. Must win.

Majora's Mask Giants Ending

Relief. Giants. Saviors. Joy. Panic. Not enough. Not much time. Last hope. All up to me.

Majora's Mask Clock Tower Festival Fireworks

Conquered. Exhaustion. Townspeople overjoyed. Celebration. Return to innocence.