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Relaunch 2011!

Relaunch 2011

I've been secretly toiling away redoing my website in the Python programming language using the Django framework after gaining some pretty thorough experience in the two on other projects. I started my first day-job in November 2010, where we use those technologies. I greatly prefer using them over awful PHP for web development. It allows me to create very clean-coded websites very quickly and headache-free. I also enjoy using Python as a general scripting language, and will eventually use it in game development too using the Panda3D game engine when I get around to that someday.

While I was at it, I decided to give herbalcell a fresh new look. I needed to design a logo, and decided that it should look herbal. I looked at various images of herbs and found one I liked. I converted it into a vector using Inkscape (a free vector image program). To do this, go to Path > Trace Bitmap. I'm really happy with the way it turned out, and now it feels like my website has a brand.

I also used this opportunity to switch to CSS3 techniques like rounded corners, box and text shadows. Man does that make web-design simpler! It's nice being able to add nice features like that so quickly and simply, while feeling satisfied that if someone doesn't have a modern enough browser (or IE) to see those features, it will still look acceptable enough for them, just not as pretty. And that's their own fault, of course. ;)

I also decided to use font embedding to not be restricted to the annoyingly small group of web-safe fonts. You can read about the process I used in detail here.

Another big reason I wanted to redesign my site was to change the main focus to my various portfolios, with a separate blog section for articles. It feels more professional now, which is what I wanted. I'm all growed up now. :P I also added some cool new blog features like listing the articles by popularity and by date.